Make the flyer TOP
on the list

Do you have any extra specific or time limited offer that you wish to promote more intensively? You can make your special offer TOP in the category or TOP on the home page for certain amount of days. Minimum amount is 14 days and maximum amount is 90 days. Your catalogue would be among top (three) offers what would drive attention of customers because what is on the top of the list always does matter. We would like to emphasize that this tool is for extra special offers and it should not be used for general promotions as they work really well with our standard set up.

Use banners

If there is anything you would like to promote to specific segment of customers and it does not meet conditions to be a leaflet, you can communicate through a banner that is placed among other catalogues as native ad. Depending on the message it can be placed on the home page or the category page.

This tool works well if you wish the visitors to e.g. sign up for your new loyalty program or you wish to announce arrival of new products in more detail. The link from your banner can target to your microsite, web or to your catalogue directly on Kimbino.

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